Sober living 5 Reasons to Stay Sober

5 Reasons to Stay Sober

Listening to these testimonials and abiding by 12-step principles can inspire people to achieve or sustain sobriety. Alcoholism strips people of their ability to be trusted, seeing as they will go to any lengths to continue supporting their habit. You’ll find that when you get sober people actually start putting faith in you once again… which feels truly incredible. Things like taking a walk through the park on a nice day or waking up before noon will start to seem amazing. When active in your addiction, you will be so consumed by a mental obsession with alcohol that you won’t be able to properly focus on anything else. Prolonged marijuana and alcohol use reduces the chances of graduation from both high school and college.

Between messing up your sleep and taking a toll on your body, alcohol and drugs can make you feel pretty bad if you use them regularly. Cutting out these substances can make you instantly feel years younger. You won’t have to nurse any more hangovers or take afternoon naps to get through the day. Much of our social behaviors involve the use of substances in one form or another. Even if you’re not an addict, living a sober lifestyle can seem like a difficult feat. Motivation can help people to strive to achieve their goals.

The Positive Impact on Personal Relationships and Career

Fortunately, there are many resources available to those who do decide to quit. At Chapel Hill Detox, our goal is to help those struggling with alcohol abuse and dependency begin their personal journeys off addiction recovery. Addiction to drugs or alcohol has devastating impacts on your physical health and causes many chronic illnesses, cancers, and other diseases — and even death. By getting help and finding recovery, you can avoid developing life-threatening complications from substance abuse. In sobriety, you will lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

  • Alcohol effectively numbs your feelings and let’s go of your inhibitions.
  • Getting sober will allow you to help others in ways you may never have deemed possible.
  • Without the distraction of wondering when you can go get drunk or high, you’ll be able to stay physically and emotionally present with others.
  • There are infinite reasons why pursuing long-term recovery and sobriety can be the best choice for someone struggling with drug or alcohol use.
  • If you’re in recovery from a substance use disorder, you already know how much work it took to achieve sobriety, and you’ll want to do everything possible to avoid having a relapse.
  • Whatever your “why,” know that with treatment and support, getting sober is not only possible, but it’s also manageable long-term.
  • Improved communication and healthier boundaries in relationships also result from sobriety.

Pursuing a life of sobriety should be celebrated, and each person will have their reasons for committing to a drug and alcohol-free life. The best way forward for your recovery from alcohol or substance use is to incorporate a wide variety of strategies that will help foster success. Remember to care for yourself, seek supportive relationships, and consider seeking help from a therapist. A mental health professional can help you cope with some of the challenges you’ll face on your path to sobriety. Some of the immediate changes you will need to make will be obvious—like not hanging around the people that you used with or obtained drugs from.

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People in recovery can experience a lot of shame simply for having become addicted in the first place. Some definitions of sobriety call for complete lifelong abstinence while others focus on developing coping mechanisms that can reduce harm with the understanding that setbacks are common. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of Sober Recovery’s “Terms of Use”,
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