Forex Trading ITRADER COM Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of 3 of 8

ITRADER COM Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of 3 of 8

When she asked for the money back the day after she had completely run out of money they told her it was all gone.We are still in the process of seeing if we can get legal help with this. During this Global.ITRADER review, we have found out that the trading conditions and the technology are greatly assembled for the experienced traders. However, the educational resources available at the website seem to be a great base for those of you that are just starting out. With Global.ITRADER, spreads are quite low, which means the broker doesn’t rob its clients of their funds. 0.7 pips on the EUR/USD Forex pair means that the price difference is very shallow and traders don’t lose an awful lot in trade commissions.

  1. The trading platform was MT4 which we all know an easy-to-use one.
  2. As for the minimum deposit requirement, Global.ITRADER asks its clients to deposit no less than 250 US dollars to their account.
  3. I was so astonished to hear his voice and picth changing while listing to my words and trust me he said in a high pitch “when you just now registered how can you cahnge you mind”.
  4. Given the vast availability of economic calendars, there is no excuse not to ensure a functioning one is provided.

Back-testing is equally available which can help traders forge their strategy, but this all falls on the trader. ITARDER provides the bare minimum when it comes to the trading platform. While the majority of retail traders use the MT4 as is, limitations of it are evident to advanced users.

What Can I Trade

Just like everyone else, I check out reviews before I began to trade with this broker. I see mostly good comments so I placed deposit of $250 to open an account. I took several withdrawals without experiencing problem so far.

Taking your money

The reviews are poor and customers say the functions offered are too basic. The contests are solely open to professional clients, retail clients do not have access to contests. This comes across as a poor set up because retail clients are likely to want to participate in contests, while professionals traders are not. There is a diverse range of indices and hedging tools, and iTrader provides access to a good amount of global indices, ideal for retail traders.

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And it seems to me that that Russian review bots are at work here… The same spam-machine that got Trump elected.When things feel bad… Once you are sure that a company is trusted, the next logical step is to take a look at its offer and trading conditions. When it comes to actually trading with Global.ITRADER, the broker lets you access the world’s most widespread and the most awarded piece of technology – MetaTrader 4. Global.ITRADER MT4 was one of the first platforms that were launched for the web platform.

If this broker goes insolvent, you could regain up to €20,000. In addition, all iTrader clients’ money is held in segregated accounts. To see why iTrader didn’t make our list of the most ideal forex brokers, we will first need to take a look at its regulation. ITrader is a newer broker which doesn’t help create a good impression on first glance; it’s website has a bit too much glitter, and contains too little substance, for traders trying to consider their options. Our primary goal at The Tokenist is to simplify the word of financial decision-making, so that investing is not only easy – but also fun. In doing so, we often feature products or services from our partners.

There is no library to watch previous webinars, so assessing the value these will bring is difficult. 🔍 Are you searching for a broker with an excellent educational and research offering? There are four categories in the research section that are positioned (or thrown) across the site.

Harassment getting 2-3 calls…

There are Swap discount rates offered of 25% with the Gold accounts, and 50% in the Platinum accounts. It seems that something is off with this and iTrader isn’t being transparent about it. In August 2019, iTrader’s owner was summoned to a pre-indictment hearing in Israel. The Taxation and Economics Prosecutor’s Office suspected the broker of misleading clients, again, and exploiting customer’s inexperience with binary’s options, pressuring them to invest. Shortly after this saga, Sweden’s financial regulator FI issued a statement admitting that it had received a high number of complaints against the broker. Trader is the brand name that represents Hoch Capital LTD, an investment firm based in Cyprus.

Global.ITRADER offers the Economic Calendar, as well as calculations for swaps, spreads, and other trading-related features. In short, software support on Global.ITRADER is on par with its other premium offerings. When it comes to deposits, the broker has a minimum deposit requirement of $250. In our opinion, this is a healthy amount that doesn’t go too overboard while it’s also not too low to make us suspicious.

Feels like Russian internet maffia …

In addition, Global.ITRADER is a broker that lets you trade Forex on your Mac in a native way. This is a strongly limited feature as most of the brokers do not offer a native app. With it, traders from the countries that adhere to the Islamic sharia law can trade without swaps or hidden commissions; even spreads are zero in this account.

ITrader are evil and untrustworthy

As for the payment methods, you can choose between
Credit/debit cards, iDEAL, Neteller, QIWI, Skrill, WebMoney, Wire transfer and Yandex.Money. The customer support is available via
Email, Office, Phone and Web form. I recently signed up to I trader, I received a phone call the next day from a sales rep talking me through the process of depositing money, I told the man on the phone I’d would deposit later. After reading reviews on trust pilot and seeing them I decided against it. The next day I received another phone call asking why I hadn’t deposited, I explained what I had found on trust pilot to the man.

One of the most fundamental tools offered is an economic calendar, but at ITRADER it returns a blank page. Given the vast availability of economic calendars, there is no excuse not to ensure a functioning one is provided. To be quite frank, we were disappointed to see during our ITRADER review that even the presentation of the MT4 trading platform is below average. Islamic accounts are available on request and are free of swap charges. On the plus side, a good commodities selection offers a combination of hard and soft commodities with all major metals available. Clients will be able to watch webinars a few times a week which is a high amount of webinars, though it’s not clear who exactly will have access to these.

Despite an unfortunate first attempt at online trading, even though I had closed my account with Itrader, I found that they were very supportive in their after-care and immediately responsive to my disappointing itrader review performance. I’m a housewife, so i started trading on ITrader for getting extra money for my family. I knew almost nothing, but this platform provided me with the analyst, who taught me a lot.

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