News Virtual Tools in Teaching-Learning Processes

Virtual Tools in Teaching-Learning Processes

It’s whether it’s talking to clients or teams, sharing ideas, seeking feedback, or quickly settling on deadlines and other details of projects, great communication is essential in any business. Virtual tools let teams communicate effectively, regardless if they are on the other end of the spectrum or in a different country.

This article makes use of bibliometric analysis to examine the most influential authors and contributions in research on the application of virtual tools in the teaching and learning process. The aim of this article is to research and monitor the growth and growth of these technologies within academic institutions and also to provide current trends and potential applications (Villa and al. 2018).

To do this the citations matrix was constructed using the SCOPUS database, which contains publications with high scientific recognition and a wide coverage across the world of texts that are specialized in each area of study. The primary search criteria were: words equivalent to virtual tools in teaching-learning processes, and the key words “teaching learning”.

The most relevant articles specifically focused on the use of chats, forums on the internet and teleconferences in teaching and managing educational processes. They emphasized the advantages of these tools, indicating that they offer a superior alternative to traditional classrooms and help promote active participation. They also emphasized the importance incorporation of these tools into academic curriculums in order to enable students to learn in a way that is flexible and acquire practical skills useful in the workplace.

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