News What is a Board Portal?

What is a Board Portal?

A board portal is an online secure platform that houses all your organization’s documents and information pertaining to governance. It lets members access documents from any device, and also track the activity of documents. This improves accountability and transparency.

A good board portal must provide a central repository and a permanent digital record of all meeting-related documents, including audits, financials, agendas, reports of committees meetings minutes, agendas, and more. It should also have an encrypted file-sharing feature that allows users to upload files and connect them to each other. It should also have an easy-to-use eSignatures read the full info here function that is compatible with mobile signing or in-person signatures, as well as an integrated tool to confirm the validity of digital signatures.

Whether you’re a private company, non-profit or government agency, board portals offer comprehensive features that make it easier for directors and administrators to manage committees, calendars, surveys, voting, eSignatures/approvals, and more. The best solution is an flexible and robust framework that is able to fit your governance practices and is able to work how you want to work — with meeting dates, votes, and surveys automatically synchronized to the calendars of board members.

It is crucial that all stakeholders are included in the selection of software for managing boards early enough, so that they can be educated and assist with the adoption. A good board portal will reduce time and improve collaboration, while also increasing accountability and transparency.

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